The Cooper Review

Course Director

Jason Bartock, MD

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The Live Review 

May 3rd & 4th (7a-5p)

Our Live Review differs from our online curriculum and distinguishes itself from other reviews by utilizing a MCQ based format for better learner comprehension and engagement. We highlight the ABIM CCM core competencies with over 20 hours of material delivered through more than 150 original MCQs.

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The Online Curriculum 

  • 30  Lecture Videos 

  • Integrated MCQs

  • All videos are available for you to view and download 

  • Course Handout in PDF format allowing you to take notes or read "on-the-go"

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Access the CCM fellowship lecture library along with other critical care  resources 

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The Critical Care Lounge !

Don't miss Cooper's very own Dr. Mallemat & Dr. Green discuss hot button topics in the world of Critical Care Medicine. 

The Lounge

Click Here to check out Dr. Sergio Zanotti, CMO of Sound Critical Care, explore a broad range of topics related to intensive care medicine.